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From "D'Antoni, Gaitan" <Gaitan.Dant...@Compaq.Com>
Subject Request for submission of the OpenVMS code changes into the 1.3 c ode stream
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 16:17:05 GMT
The Compaq OpenVMS Apache Engineering team has recently completed the port
of version 1.3.12 of the Apache HTTP server to OpenVMS. Compaq has selected
the Apache HTTP server to be the supported web server for OpenVMS Alpha. We
would like to submit our changes to be incorporated into the V1.3 code
stream. I realize there are quite a few changes here so I'm willing to do
whatever makes the submission easier for the ASF.

Scope of the VMS changes:
Apache source files changed: 21
http_main.c contains about 400 new lines of code
alloc.c and http_request.c contain about 100 lines of new code
the remaining 18 files average about 25 lines of new code each
All of the changes are surrounded by #ifdef VMS ... #endif
The OpenVMS specific directory [apache.src.os.openvms] contains
approximately 50 files.

I used diff -C3 to create .diff files of all of the changes. The .diff
files, along with the original and modified files
are available in a compressed, tar file named vmssubmit.Z. The file is
available via anonymous ftp from in directory
Username: anonymous
Password: email address
ftp> cd pub:[apache]
ftp> binary
ftp> get vmssubmit.Z

I'm finishing up the [apache.src.os.openvms] files and should have them
posted by tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration.

Gaitan D'Antoni
Apache Web Server for OpenVMS Technical Leader
Compaq Computer Corporation

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