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From Brian Havard <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3/src/os/win32 util_win32.c
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
> No...
>   If you stepped my patch to util_win32.c, you will see that we have
> a much more complex schema to untangle names into the pure elements.

Stepping through the win32 ap_os_canonical_filename() makes my head

> What I've done is bypassed most of this for the /, //, //server to
> actually accept these elements without any sort of find test.  We
> don't really know if //server is legit until we test //server/share/.
> Now we accept all these flavors, although they consitute an incomplete
> path spec.

I don't think this is right. //server may not be legit but it IS
canonical. / isn't, it represents the root of whatever drive is current
so it shouldn't be returned.

>   The ap_os_canonical_filename() stuff in util_[win32|os2|netware].c
> is very different right now, and OS2 and WIN32 could probably merge.
> I believe OS2 also supports blehblehbleh.x, and either blehbl~1.x or 
> blehbleh.x flavors of short names. 

No, it doesn't, at least not on the file systems usually used 
(HPFS, JFS, FAT). Once you start allowing for other file systems anything 
is possible including case sensitivity. Also, OS/2 has a single API call
that takes care of almost all canonicalization (the DosQueryPathInfo() call)
which makes much of what's done in the win32 code unnecessary.

> It seems very early on that NT 
> had choices in the config for how short names could be composed.  
> Since OS2 also allows Novell client access, and Novell would use 
> blehbleh.x, I was not happy with simply expanding shortnames in the 
> *~* case.  Now we always case-correct and expand shortnames in 
> ap_os_systemcase_filename.

Yes true, but OS/2 can also access NT, NFS & Samba volumes. 

>   In Win32, I'm still unhappy with the amount of duplicity in the
> ap_os_case_canonical_filename and ap_os_systemcase_filename functions.
> I haven't decided precisely what to do here.  If you have suggestions,
> they are welcome.
>   ap_os_canonical_filename() (http_core.c:1454), for OS2/NETWARE,
> should really sit in their respective util_[OS2|NETWARE].c files,
> if they don't already.

http_core.c:1454 has a call TO ap_os_canonical_filename() if I remember
right. I can't actually look at the code right now as I just had my main
hard disk die on me (writing this from my laptop).

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