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From (Mike Abbott)
Subject AAP patches 3&4 for 2.0a6
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 05:25:06 GMT
Two more patches for Apache/2.0a6 are available from the Accelerating
Apache Project.

Patch #3
  - Adds some features to and fixes some minor bugs in the STM,
    including a fix for bug 6531 for the STM.  It does not fix the bug
    for other MPMs since there was some doubt about whether it actually
    is a bug at all.
  - Changes the 10xpatchlevel version identification.
  - Optimizes mod_mmap_static slightly.

Patch #4
  - Optimizes logging in Common Log Format (CLF), similar to original
    AAP patch #3.
  - Fixes bugs 6519 and 6550 related to buffered logs.
  - Fixes documentation bug 6556.
  - Ports %m, %H, and %q format options from 1.3.
  - Adds --enable-speed-daemon option to configure.

Apache developers:  As with all of the AAP's patches, please consider
adopting any or all of this work into a future release of Apache.

More information and the patches themselves are available from
Michael J. Abbott

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