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From (Mike Abbott)
Subject Re: AAP vs. Zeus (was Re: AAP patch for 2.0a6 available)
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 22:33:15 GMT
> From what workload were these figures derived?  Since
> you mention negative CPU scalability in Linux 2.2, I would assume that you
> are spraying static content over a fast wire.

Yup, I started with the now-obsolete SPECweb96 benchmark because that's
what I used to tune Apache/1.3.  Also, Apache/1.3 performs very poorly
on SPECweb99 because 1.3's scheduling entities are so heavy (one process
for each of a few thousand connections just doesn't fly), making
1.3-to-2.0 comparisons difficult.  Once I port my 1.3 patches to 2.0
I'll focus on SPECweb99.
Michael J. Abbott

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