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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] filtering and canned error responses
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 22:20:29 GMT
Greg Ames <> wrote:
>But that doesn't really address what Jeff was trying to fix when he
>started this thread - the canned error text case.  In this case the
>response may have different characteristics (charset pairs, content
>type) than what the hook phases prior to the handler/generator have
>decided and might be remembering.  So any filters that must be invoked
>may do the wrong thing if we're not careful.  

What I'm suggesting is that Apache's canned error responses should be
generated by a special handler that is mapped into the URI space. (A
little bit like the way Squid does it, but using a filename prefix
rather than a special scheme.) E.g. /__internal__/error_404.html or
anything that's reasonably unlikely to clash with existing URIs. Then
when an error happens an internal redirect to the special URI occurs,
which implies reconstruction of the filter stack.

There does need to be a further fallback in case of egregious 500
errors, e.g. when setting up the filter stack for an error, in which
case there will have to me a hard-coded oh-my-god-everything's-broken
filter stack probably comprising nothing but the core filter and an
implementation -> network charset filter if necessary.

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