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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Win32/mod_auth_dbm - Dumb (?) questions
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 16:35:35 GMT

I've spent the last two weeks on my security presentation,
and would like to implement several things pre 1.3.13 - and
fix a few for 2.0 ---

I have mod_auth_dbm working under Win32, using SDBM.  I decided
on Greg's port within mod_dav, since it was the 'cleanest'.
It was not worth untangling sdbm from APR.  It builds only the
library, and mod_auth_dbm/win32 statically links it in.  I had
to perform a pretty dirty:
#ifdef WIN32
#define dbm_open sdbm_open
Is there a better symbol or mechanism to resolve this?

I'd like to add lib/sdbm to the 1.3 tree for mod_auth_dbm, and
commit mod_auth_dbm patched for Win32/sdbm.  Of course, it would 
benefit mod_dav as well :-)  First question is, any objections?

My next, dumb question - can mod_digest/mod_auth_digest integrate
into mod_auth_db/mod_auth_dbm for Digest security?  Is there any
native (non-3rd party) support for Digest authentication against
a db/dbm/ndbm/gdbm/sdbm file?  I suggest this as a 2.0, not a 1.3
patch - and create a symbiosis where any auth agent can be matched
against any auth provider.

Internal Auth agents: basic, digest, ntlm
External Auth agents: p/w session caching agents

Internal Auth providers: plain, db, dbm (sdbm), ntdomain
External Auth providers: mysql, etc...

Third question... additional thoughts?

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