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From Christian Gross <>
Subject Apache spawning off wildly
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2000 08:31:02 GMT

I have been playing around with Apache 2.0a6 and the NT mpm layer.  (I
am disabling the service interface.)  Well, what happens is that I get
a gpf because of my tinkering.  

Yes the error is my fault.  But what what happens as a result of this
error is that Apache wildy spawns off 1000+ processes that all gpf
with the same error.  I cannot stop this process because it goes like
wildfire.  The feeling I get is when Apache crashes, it notices the
problem and spawns off another process because the original one
crashed.  The only way to stop the error is to reboot my W2K box.

Could someone please help me stop this error since debugging this has
become futile...



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