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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: mod_cern_meta
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 00:34:46 GMT
I have no reason to disagree with Bill on the lifetime of
mod_cern_meta, so consider that somebody may yank it out of
Apache. writes:

> Hi,
> I'm forwarding a note I received from someone I work with here.  She has a
> couple questions on mod_cern_meta for Apache 2.0.  Anyone have an answer?
> Thanks.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Rob,
> I have found two problems in mod_cern_meta...
> In the scan_meta_file procedure, a successful read of the file is ignored
> because the while loop is checking for the return from ap_fgets !=
> APR_SUCCESS.    This looks like a carry-over from when  fgets was checked
> for a non-NULL return.

O.k., I'll put in this simple fix.

> There two values for the MetaFiles directive appear to be treated the same
> - MetaFiles On and MetaFiles Off do not differentiate how the request is
> handled - the server looks for a meta file either way.  Either the
> dir_config is being set incorrectly, or the hook needs to check more than
> NULL or non-NULL.

I put a stylistic fix in a few days ago which initially looked to me
like a real bug fix: set_metafiles() treated the boolean flag as char
* instead of int and it was maintained as char * in the dir config.
It looked weird and initially I suspected broken-ness.  However, a
value of NULL for the pointer corresponded to MetaFiles off and a
value of 1 for the pointer corresponded to MetaFiles on.

Is this what you are concerned with or is it something else?

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