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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] bringing down the server from an MPM thread
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 17:32:05 GMT
Scott Hess <> writes:

> It would seem that the appropriate action would be for the child to signal
> a problem, and then the parent to double-check the problem - or, for the
> parent to run a poll() on all of the listen sockets before spinning up a
> new child.  Perhaps the double-check code can run only when the child
> didn't service any requests before exitting (though it shouldn't be
> expensive enough to warrant that).

I think it is a fine idea for the parent to test all of the listening
sockets.  At least on OS/390, a simple getsockopt(,SO_ERROR,) will
detect the error I'm trying to catch.  I'll use this idea in my next

> I'm also less than comfortable with having the child manage to kill the
> parent.  Since the parent runs as root, and the child runs as nobody, it's
> a potential security hole.  Convincing the OS to screw the listen socket
> is hopefully much harder than convincing an Apache child to return a
> server-should-exit code.

Bad/malicious code in apache core or a plug-in module running in the child
process can easily create other DOS attacks (consume resources, cause
requests to hang, segfault over and over, etc.).  It is hard for me to
imagine Apache core doing much to defend against this.  If the
administrator wants to load m0d_d0s into her production Apache, she
is on her own.

Have fun,

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