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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] ap_add_filter
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2000 01:49:39 GMT
> The ZLIB rewrite of inflate.c and deflate.c ( Actually... deflate.c
> retains a Jean-loup Gailly (c) copyright and inflate.c retains
> a Mark Adler (c) copyright in both GZIP (GNU) and ZLIB ) 
> was apparently just enough different from the GNU stuff that 
> it can be claimed to be a 'new' implementation based on RFC's 
> and not pre-exisiting GNU code... even though it's quite obvious 
> that's not the way it happened.
> When is the implementation of an algorithm that is simply
> defined in an RFC similar enough to actual GNU code that it 
> is obviously still protected under the GNU license? That's for 
> our next contestant on 'IP lawyer for a day' to decide, not me.
> No one has brought that challenge up so far so it can be 
> assumed that no one really wants to 'go there'. That's good.

Huh?  Could it not be that Jean-loup and Mark donated their code to GZIP
while still retaining it within their own zlib project?  Authors of code
are completely free to dual-license their code.  But I really don't
understand why you are going on about this.

> Now that filtering is in Apache... if a PATCH showed up tomorrow
> with a full ZLIB source code dump in it... would that PATCH be
> rejected for that reason alone?
> That's a YES or NO question.
> Rasmus ( or any other VOTING member ) ?

No it wouldn't.  There is nothing wrong with the ZLIB license.  We include
other code in Apache under similar licenses.


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