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Subject Re: missing htdocs directory in snapshots
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 20:15:42 GMT

> >The CVS tarballs are a form of distribution.  Allowing people to 
> >download the code without the docs, is in essence telling people who 
> >modify the code they don't have to worry about the docs, they do.
> If you look at it that way, plain old CVS, anoncvs, and ViewCVS are 
> already doing that.  People can already download the code without the 
> docs.  I don't see how having the two apache development trees in two 

Yes, and that is wrong too.  It should not be possible to get the code
without the docs from CVS.

> >This was the argument originally made against splitting the CVS 
> >trees, and the reason we went ahead and split them, was because 
> >everybody said that we would never let developers get the code 
> >without the docs.
> While a lofty goal, it is in fact impossible unless you disable CVS 
> access altogether and only let people download through tarballs.

No it isn't impossible.  It is in fact rather easy to combine multiple CVS
repositories so that by checking out apache-2.0, you also get
httpd-docs-2.0, but when you checkout httpd-docs-2.0 you don't get
apache-2.0.  If I had the access on Locus, I would do this myself.  I
don't have the access, and the people who do have the access could make
this change much faster than I could anyway.

> The best you can do is make a reasonable effort to ensure that people 
> get the docs tree at the same time as the code tree.  Putting the 
> docs tarball right next to the code tarball, and updating Doug's 
> "latest tarball" script should be sufficient.

IMNSHO a reasonable effort in this case means that when we tar up the
code, we add the docs to it.  That is also not hard to do, but again, I
don't have the access on Locus.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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