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Subject Re: Buckets and Pails and Barrels, oh my.
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 14:31:23 GMT

In a message dated 00-08-15 14:17:41 EDT, Tony writes...

> >If no one has any problem with ap_bucket_xxxxxx and you
>  >are ready for splinter code like ap_pail_xxxxx ( smaller buckets )
>  >and ap_barrell_xxxx ( bigger buckets ) and ap_brigade_alarm()
>  >and ap_brigade_fire_station() and god all what else to come out 
>  >of it then go for it.
>  *laugh* Well if buckets are so heavy that we need pails or so limited
>  that we need barrels then something's wrong. I don't think that's a
>  problem, though.
>  Tony.

Not for awhile... but did you read Manoj's 3.0 proposal? 
He has already proposed 'barrels' which 'contain buckets'.

How soon will it be before some HTML parsing dude wants
to break all the TAGS in a 'bucket' out into 'pails' or even 'cups'?

And what about code that will need to 'bleed read' a bucket
for octet character translations. Is that a 'spicket' on the 'bucket'?

What the heck. If you are going to go with an abstraction
then REALLY go for it.

Kevin Kiley

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