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Subject Re: [PATCH] ap_add_filter
Date Sun, 20 Aug 2000 16:35:38 GMT

In a message dated 00-08-20 16:19:01 EDT, Ken Coar writes...

> This idea of modules mucking with the downstream filter chain
> keeps coming up, and coming up, and..  SOMEbody must have some
> examples in mind.  I'd like to hear 'em, becauss so far it sounds
> like a major hassle for little or no gain.. 

See a recently posted [PATCH] ap_add_filter message that
details a NetPBM based graphics conversion filter for Apache.

This filter already exists and works like a dream but I guarantee 
you if you saw the code
it would win the 'Apache hack of life' award and you certainly
wouldn't accept it 'as it'. For it to come over to the new filter
scheme it's going to need the kind of 'clone thyself' and 'upstream
/downstream' filter insertion capability that's currently under
discussion. It's the way NetPBM itself is coded to work.

The problem really seems to be that this sophisticated kind
of real-time stream filtering is being forced into Apache without
any kind of concrete goals in mind other than getting rid or
IOLs and/or BUFF.

A lot of people reading about it are saying 'that would be neat'
but I don't see a lot of people outlining specific filtering projects
that they intend to do ( other than me? ).

If the primary goal(s) are just to get chunking going under the
new scheme and add some real-time GZIP IETF Content-Encoding
support ( since that's the example that keeps being carried through
all the discussions ) I wonder if the latter is even going to be possible
given the LICENSING issues which are yet to be resolved.

deflate, inflate, GZIP and ZLIB are all still GNU only.

Is there a plan to resolve how Apache can include or ship
GNU code or is it assumed that if/when any kind of compression
filter is added to Apache it will always have to come from a
3rd party FTP server and not Apache?

I am not trying to be antagonistic in any way.
I really do just want to know how this is going to work.

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc. - Online Internet Content Compression Server

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