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From Greg Marr <>
Subject Re: missing htdocs directory in snapshots
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 19:24:17 GMT
At 03:02 PM 08/08/2000, wrote:
> > Each Apache *release* (not tarballs) should include docs.
>No.  This was one of the arguments that was made when we started 
>talking about this.  The split was done so that more people could 
>commit to the docs tree, not so that we could distribute source 
>without docs.  In fact, when Marc spoke up and said he disliked 
>distributing without docs, we all said the point was for CVS, not 
>for any of our distributions.  Do you plan on mentioning someplace 
>that all of a sudden when you download a CVS tarball, you also need 
>to download an htdocs tarball?
>The source should never be distributed without the docs.

If the tarballs at can 
contain both trees, then fine.  Otherwise, just generate 
apache-2.0-docs_datetime and stick it in the same directory.  It 
shouldn't be a big deal for people to pick up both tarballs, as long 
as they're both in the same place.  This also lets people extract the 
docs tree either in the same directory as the source, or in a 
separate directory.  As Greg(?) said, Apache wouldn't be distributed 
without the docs, but the CVS tarballs would be separate.

Greg Marr
"We thought you were dead."
"I was, but I'm better now." - Sheridan, "The Summoning"

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