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From Christian Gross <>
Subject Re: Apache spawning off wildly
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2000 16:18:30 GMT
On Thu, 24 Aug 2000 09:18:13 -0400, you wrote:

Ok, cool idea...  BUT, it will not work for me.  The problem is that
within 15 seconds I have about 300 processes and the machine comes to
a crawl within 10 seconds.  This means by the time I move my cursor
across the window I have a very hard time doing anything.

Actually I left my machine and within a minute it basically died...

Could I help write some code?  If you tell me where I may be able to
do something?  


>We are missing logic in the parent to give up restarting the child.
>Here is how you can avoid a reboot...
>First, find the parent process PID in logs/ Then with the task manager, kill
>parent process. If task manager will not let you kill the process, then attach the
>debugger to the process (through the task manager) then kill the debugger session. Ugly
>but it works for me.

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