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From Ovies Brabson <>
Subject [PATCH] OS/390 DSO - copy .dll/.x files during make install
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 23:02:28 GMT
In Apache 1.3 the .so files or .dll and the .x files were installed into
the libexec subdirectory of the install directory.  I don't really know
if things have changed so much in Apache 2.0 that we want to put these
files in a different subdirectory, but I just wanted to mention that
because that is where I would have expected these files to be installed.

> This patch changes make install to copy the Apache core .dll and .x
> files created by an OS/390 build with dynamic shared object support
> enabled into the install bin directory.  If the platform isn't OS/390 or
> if DSO isn't enabled, the files won't exist so nothing will be copied.

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