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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: More thoughts on caching in v2.0 - filtering
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 20:53:19 GMT wrote:

> All you gotta do is store a CRC on an entity with the compressed
> data and then you can tell if a requested object is sitting in the
> cache as a SINGLE COMPRESSED ENTITY. You don't need
> 2 copies of anything.

You are misunderstanding me. The handling of compressed data is just one
case of a larger problem - content negotiation. The filtering cache's
job is to cache anything that goes by, with the ability to cache
multiple representations of the same object. If the object going by is
in French and is compressed, then whoopee - we have a compressed French
object in our cache. If another browser comes along and negotiates the
Spanish uncompressed version of the object, then we have both a French
compressed and a Spanish uncompressed representation of the same object
in the cache. We now have two copies of the same thing in our cache,
represented in two different ways. Content negotiation ensures that the
right object is sent to the right browser.

Let the compression filter do the compression. Let the babelfish filter
convert the source file into Spanish or whatever. Let the cache filter
cache - it doesn't need to do anything else - that's what filtering is

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