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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] mod_proxy talking HTTP/1.1 to clients
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2000 13:29:01 GMT
Christian von Roques wrote:

> The patch below mostly consists of a slightly cleaned up version of
> Graham Leggett's http/1.1 patch plus my changes to the mod_proxy <->
> client communication.  The patch is against Apache-1.3.13-dev from CVS
> as of today.  It works for me, but I haven't really tested it in a
> caching configuration.

I just built and tested the patch against apache_1.3.13-dev.

I tested the server with the caching switched on, looking specifically
for segfault errors, and stuck connections or broken data. I used the
Apache documentation as a test case - first using simple browsing using
Netscape. Following this I tried doing repeated websucks using wget as a
mirroring tool, looking again for segfaults or other errors. So far
everything has worked correctly.

I then tested the server with enormous files (the test case a CDROM
image weighing in at about 640MB). The first test downloaded using
Netscape came in 6kb short, with the missing data at around the 390MB
mark - but I couldn't then duplicate this. I tried to download the same
huge file using wget, and then using Netscape a second time, in both
subsequent cases the download came through without a problem. So far it
looks like Netscape may have been the problem, as the proxy server
reported the correct number of bytes transferred. I'd appreciate it if
some other people can test this - I only have access to my laptop right
now, which isn't much of a test environment in terms of performance.

I'd feel better if someone could test this patch against a real server
with some traffic on it - I don't have access to such a system at the moment...


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