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Subject Re: Encoding code in APR
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2000 16:08:47 GMT

> > Either apr/crypto or apr/hash, either way.  crypto is probably better,
> > because it can't be confused with hash tables.
> Ok, so
>   apr_md5, apr_sha1        -> lib/apr/crypto/


>   ap_base64, ap_checkpass  -> lib/utils/

ap_base64 should be moved.  ap_checkpass still bothers me.  The function
it implements is in APR already.  I would rather just see that function
moved into the crypt directory in APR.

>   ap/ap_cache, ap/ap_hooks -> lib/utils/
> I'm wondering about main/util_* - util_md5.c and util_date.c could be
> moved to lib/utils/, but the other stuff references things like request_rec
> and therefore aren't suitable for putting in lib/utils/ unless we make that
> lib tightly bound to apache (i.e. unusable outside of it).

Take a VERY close look at main/utils_*.  For the most part, the references
to request_rec's can be replaced with one or two fields from the
request_rec.  Regardless, I am VERY hesitant to move anything into
lib/utils right now.  That library will need it's own build system,
because we don't want to tie it to Apache.  The hooks are tied to APR VERY
tightly, I haven't looked at ap_cache.

I say go for it.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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