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Subject Re: BIG filtering patch.
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2000 03:26:17 GMT

> If we agree on the linked list that I use in my patches, filter registration
> (ap_register_filter), and inserting filters into the linked list
> (ap_add_filter), then I would recommend that we simply check that into
> Apache today. Certainly, the definition of the callback and bucket
> structure(s) will change in one direction or another, but we can get some of
> the framework into place (thus reducing the patch set size).

I disagree here.  My big patch is almost working.  I expect another half
hour to hour of debugging.  Then, I have to stop for the night to do some
writing.  Tomorrow or Sunday, I plan to rip the filter registration stuff
out of my patch, and replace it with the stuff from your patch.  In doing
this, I will make sure that the two merge seamlessly.  By Sunday night, I
will have posted two patches to this list.  The first will be the patch I
am finishing now.  The second will be the same patch with your filter
registration scheme.  I don't think two days is too long to ask to make
sure everything works seamlessly.

I expect to post the first patch tonight, so if we decide to go with the
other filter registration scheme, then anybody can add it if the get to it
before me.  I don't want to add this thing into the repository piece-meal,
at least not this part.  As soon as we add the ability to register a
filter function, people will need to be able to actually create filters.

> Ryan: if you're okay with the ap_filter_type, ap_filter_t (with a void* for
> the bucket_cb field), ap_register_filter, and ap_add_filter concepts and
> structures, then I'll extract a sub-patch for just those items and post that
> for review.
> It would be great to have that in there, much like we have insert_filter
> in there already.

See above.  Let's just wait, and do it right.  I'll post my first patch
ASAP.  Then, we can create a second patch, and let them both be
reviewed.  Then, we commit one or the other.

Plus, I haven't read Roy's response yet, but I know I saw one.  I want his
input on how to do this.  This is the other reason I want two versions of
my patch.  If it is obviously easy to replace the filter registration in
the patch, then we can fix it later if needed.  If it isn't easy, then the
patch needs to change.  Does that make sense?


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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