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From Ed Korthof>
Subject lingering_close / SO_LINGER
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2000 10:11:10 GMT
Hi --

While looking into providing lingering_close (in apache 1.3.x) or
SO_LINGER to Apache JServ (apparently some features break on BS2000
otherwise), I wound up looking through the source to APR ... I from what I
can see, it seems to use only SO_LINGER -- and only if ap_setsocketopt is
called with that value, which doesn't ever seem to happen, since
APR_SO_LINGER is never mentioned outside apr.

My questions are ...

1) is there an equivalent to lingering_close, in APR, which i missed?
	(quite possible, i didn't look too closely.)

2) is SO_LINGER safe everywhere, or is something like lingering_close (in
	Apache 1.3.x) still needed?  based on what i've read recently, i'm
	guessing the latter...

3) is SO_LINGER somehow being enabled (on platforms where it's safe)?  if
	so, i'm curious as to how.

This won't matter much until Apache 2.0 is in use in production
environments, but afaik it will then.


Anyway, in 1.3.x, lingering_close/SO_LINGER aren't exposed.  Should they
be?  I'm not sure if this falls under the list of operations still allowed
for 1.3.x (it's not clear it's a bug fix), but -- assuming SO_LINGER isn't
safe everywhere -- it might be nice to provide an API to these.  I'd be
happy to do that (basically by moving some functions from http_main.c to
buff.c and making the available elsewhere).

Apache JServ has gotten by well enough so far without SO_LINGER, so I'm
guessing this is just a quirk of BS2000 -- I don't think it'll be a big
deal if we don't get lingering_close/SO_LINGER right now.  OTOH, it seems
like this might be useful for mod_proxy (which is making http connections
to remote servers) and possibly other modules ...

thanks in advance --


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