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Subject Re: filter design
Date Sat, 01 Jul 2000 15:08:47 GMT

> It's a pity that I can't convince people that the bucket brigades
> interface is the only one that works, but it isn't all that surprising.

Roy, you have convinced me.  I actually have the beginning of this patch
written.  I started over about three days ago.  I just want to take it
slow to make sure it is right.  This means the patch could take a few
weeks.  I could post what I have, but it is not even close to working
yet.  The design is coming along however.

> But, if you start out with the supposition that 2.0 filters will be just
> as ignorant as 1.3 content generators when it comes to HTTP, then Greg's
> patch might work.  I'm not convinced that the memory allocation works,
> or is even remotely efficient, but that is something we can fix later.
> The thing I don't think we'll be able to fix later is all of the modules
> once they start implementing ignorant filters.  CGI hell, all over again.

This is my fear too.

Would it help if I posted the VERY incomplete patch I have been working on
recently.  It doesn't touch the core server AT ALL.  All it does currently
is begin to implement rwmem buckets.  I have already re-designed them
three times and I need to clean them up a bit more.  Roy, they look more
or less like exactly what you posted last November.

What I really need to add now, are the functions to write directly to
rwmem buffers (although this could wait).  Then, we just modify http_core,
and the first patch is done.

If people would like to see the current code (understanding that it is
VERY much in development, please let me know).  Roy, I would be interested
in knowing if I do understand your bucket brigades, so if you have time to
review two small files, that would be much appreciated.  There are
comments already, but more are still needed.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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