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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: IBM HTTP SERVER / APACHE-another piece of the puzzle (fwd)
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 21:39:10 GMT
I'm not sure if anyone has followed up on this yet.  This is another
instance of the NT bug that was brought up earlier, and  this one works
with the (wrong, IMHO) "Options Multiviews" default setting in the config
file on unix.

(sorry, I've been moving so I'm not keeping up on things and haven't been
able to follow up on this...)

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Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 21:41:07 -0600 (MDT)
From: Marc Slemko <>
To: J.P. Simmons <>
Subject: Re: IBM HTTP SERVER / APACHE-another piece of the puzzle

On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, J.P. Simmons wrote:

> -snip-
> >
> >Hmm.  Darn it.
> >
> >I can not reproduce this.  I do see where it is possible that if you have
> >something like "DirectoryIndex name1234 name123 name12 name1" then you
> >could force it to display name123 or name12 instead of name1234, even if
> >name1234 exists, but that is different than what you are describing.
> >
> >Exactly what appears in the error log for each of those lengths?
> >
> I don't have a file .../htdocs/index.html. There are a number of files
> of the name index.html.en,, etc., but there's no index.html.
> Didn't follow how it knows to serve up what I presume is index.html.en,
> but it does. (I wasn't using a default homepage, so never put one in there.)
> If I do a symlink from index.html.en to index.html then the problem goes
> away. That is, up to 979 /'s gives me the index.html and 980 /'s gives
> me Forbidden, don't have permission to access //////... on this server.
> So it doesn't seem to have the problem of allowing users to retrieve
> a directory listing when there is an index.html file, but there seems
> to be something funky about the way the path string is manipulated.
> In the plain vanilla install, how is it determining index.html.en to be the
> page to serve up when you don't specify a file?

Ahh.  Ok.  Then that explains that.  Grumble.  That would be because
people decided that Apache should ship with "Options Multiviews" enabled
to allow language specific index files.  So it looks like mod_negotiation
needs to have the loop where it does subrequests updated to do more
specific checks about how they succeed or fail.  Right now, it only checks
for HTTP_OK, and if not then it tries something else.  It should probably
error out for things other than HTTP_NOT_FOUND, etc. like other places do.

Thanks.  I'll see about getting it fixed...

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