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Subject VirtualScriptAlias question
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 18:50:14 GMT
The ScriptAlias directive permits via a parameter the specification of the
target directory where the cgi program resides, the VirtualScript Alias
directive does not have this option. The code in mod_vhost_alias.c enforces
that the target directory for the cgi programs must be "cgi-bin" or it
maybe the root directory. The following is a code extraction from
(src/modules/standard/) mod_vhost_alias.c that enforces this rule:

    if (!strncmp(r->uri, "/cgi-bin/", 9)) {
     mode = conf->cgi_root_mode;
     map = conf->cgi_root;
     uri = r->uri + 8;
      * can't force cgi immediately because we might not handle this
      * call if the mode is wrong
     cgi = 1;
    else if (r->uri[0] == '/') {
     mode = conf->doc_root_mode;
     map = conf->doc_root;
     uri = r->uri;
     cgi = 0;

  In the strictest sense this not is a problem. The question is why is this
a rule for the VirtualScriptAlias directive and not for ScriptAlias


Rob Simonson

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