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From Gregory Nicholls <>
Subject ap_connect - part 2
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2000 16:05:15 GMT
  Jeff Trawick wrote:

> Ahh... Silly me... I was looking in the Unix code.  Sorry!  I'll put
> in the trivial change to the win32 version so that it works like the Unix code.

  While you're in there could you check something else for me plz ??  I was attempting a
bind to port 0 and then trying to use get_local_port to retrieve the port that is
(theoretically) assigned. Now this (again Win32 only) didn't work. It returned port 0. The
code for this function is:

    *port = ntohs(sock->local_addr->sin_port);
    return APR_SUCCESS;

in sockaddr.c.

    Now I don't know if I'm interpreting the function's purpose correctly however I think
needs a getsockname() call somewhere along the line . . .


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