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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: Anywhere to go for a summmary of I/O filtering?
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2000 21:53:41 GMT
Bill Stoddard <> wrote:
>I agree that async i/o isn't a 2.0 candidate. But it is not
>necessarily a huge change (keep reading Ryan, before you go off ...
>:-). It really depends on how far we want to take the async model.
>IIS enables ISAPI modules to access async i/o. I'm not sure we need
>to go that far. Just doing async reads (async i) would free
>processes/threads blocked on keep-alive sessions which is a major
>scalability problem we have now and this would be relatively easy to
>accomplish. And YES, before you say it, I completely agree that
>making Apache a fully async server and exposing the async APIs to
>modules is a HUGE change. Just food for thought. I am not advocating
>one approach or another. Maybe I'll start a fork and see how far I
>can take it.

Um, do you mean event-driven IO (select/poll/kevent) rather than async
IO (aio_*,SIGIO)?

I agree that offloading keepalive connections to a holding thread
would be a win, and the bonus is it's something that can be done with
minimal change outside the mpm.

367 it's not just's god-awful

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