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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Anywhere to go for a summmary of I/O filtering?
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2000 09:53:55 GMT
On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 01:26:43PM +0100, David Reid wrote:
> I have to admit that I agree that Manoj's sentiment on this one.  While the
> I/O fltering may be nice, we haven't had an alpha in a very lng time now and
> a lot of things have been fixed/improved since the last one.  We had a
> volunteer for rolling A5 so maybe we should at least do that next week to
> try and keep some momentum going?

I volunteered at one point to do the A5, saw that I needed to do PGP and
generate some keys, and punted :-)

The filtering stuff is not holding up A5 at all. Why should/would anybody

Apache is there; if somebody is inclined, then they should whip up a
release. Waiting on particular features before making a release isn't a good
way to get "release often". But that's just IMO... doesn't count for much
unless I go generate releases :-)

And the other side of the question?

If somebody wants a release, then they should be quiet and simply go and
make a release. :-)


Greg Stein,

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