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From Dave Hill <>
Subject Long long on Tru64
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 21:10:53 GMT

	I am recently new to the mailing list, so I may have missed
any previous discussion on the items I am about to raise. Be kind
to a newbie :-)

I am building 2.0 on Compaq Tru64 UNIX (the OS fomerly known as
OSF1 and Digital UNIX :-) 

I am using the native cc in full ansi mode (CC='cc -std1') on 
version 5.0a.

I am using anoncvs for this build, and have run into a number of
issues that are minor but hopefully someone can address. I am
sending each issue in a  separate email to the list.

The first issue:

I noticed that lib/apr/configure determines that a 64 bit/8 byte 
long should be a 'long long' and not just a long. The native compiler
complains with an Info: about this. While this is not more than an
info/warning message, it does generate a lot of output over the course
of the build.

cc: Info: configure, line 6103: In this statement, type "signed long long" 
is a language extension. (longlongtype)
  printf("%d\n", sizeof(long long));

I propose a fix to configure that is attached below. In
a nutshell, if sizeof(long) == sizeof(long long) just use long 
instead of the 'long long'. 

*** apache-2.0/src/lib/apr/	Wed Jul 12 14:07:10 2000
--- apache-2.0/src/lib/apr/	Wed Jul 12 14:07:45 2000
*** 336,342 ****
      long_value="long double"
  if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_long_long" = "8"; then
!     long_value="long long"
  if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_longlong" = "8"; then
--- 336,346 ----
      long_value="long double"
  if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_long_long" = "8"; then
!     if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_long_long" = "$ac_cv_sizeof_long"; then
! 	long_value="long"
!     else
! 	long_value="long long"
!     fi
  if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_longlong" = "8"; then
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