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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] change mod_dav for new sdbm
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 19:15:38 GMT
On Wed, Jul 12, 2000 at 02:56:32PM +0100, Joe Orton wrote:
> And this changes dav/fs/dbm.c to simply sit on top of the APRized sdbm,
> and removes support for gdbm. Greg, you said you wanted to do a layer
> which abstracted sdbm / gdbm, so maybe you don't want this...

It's all right. I can get the guts of the abstraction from CVS or the
mod_dav 1.x codebase.

> I can't
> really see the point of keeping support for gdbm though. If sdbm is in,
> why not just stick with it?

SDBM has limits on the size of values that can be stuck into the database.
See the DBLKSIZ, PBLKSIZ, and PAIRMAX defines. Languages such as Python have
bindings to GDBM but not to SDBM. User/developer familiarity. External tools.

The patch looks fine. Guess I'll have to write the layer RSN to get that
functionality back in there :-)

I'll apply the SDBM APR-ization and this patch later today. Got a couple
errands to do this afternoon.


Greg Stein,

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