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From Greg Stein <>
Subject filtering patches
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 11:26:56 GMT
I've just checked in an update to STATUS noting a veto on the two patches
that Ryan has posted. I'm not going to go through a serious, in-depth review
of the patches here; instead, I'll just hit on the high points:

*) all content generators (Apache's and third party's) must be rewritten to
   take advantage of this filtering mechanism

*) these patches do not use BUFF, but attempt to go straight to the network.
   this loses the buffering, the chunking transfer coding, and the character
   set translation which BUFF provides.

*) the use of "rwmem" is unclear; it appears to have a fixed size buffer and
   requires that all generated content be copied into a holding buffer. if a
   content-generator creates 100Mb of content, can it do this piecemeal
   (create/destroy bucket brigades for pieces of the content) or will it get
   spooled to disk (per a comment in ap_rwmem_write)

*) minor issues:
   - the use of malloc() is scary; I do not understand why a pool is not
     used (scoped to the request, the connection, or a cache)
   - bugs, such as "newbuf = malloc(sizeof(newbuf))". the server doesn't
     even operate if these patches are applied (not withstanding the BUFF
     avoidance mentioned above)
   - much more complex API (at least a couple dozen new functions)



*) the patches that I've posted require no changes on the part of today's
   content generators, nor will it be required in the future.

*) The patches continue to work with BUFF, which has been (effectively)
   isolated into a filter; a future pass can turn it into a real filter, can
   shift translation out (e.g. the mod_xlate that I posted), and can shift
   chunking out (thus leaving it to simply buffer content for the network).

*) the output mechanism is the same as today: ap_rwrite() and friends.
   Filters use ap_fc_write() and friends -- analogues to ap_r*().

*) no known bugs. the server operates quite fine, and I've tested the
   patches with several actual filters, performing different types of


I think it is time that we get some additional commentary and review of the
patch sets from the other project members. I know that my patch is "final"
for this pass; Ryan will probably resubmit with some bug fixes.

The STATUS file has been updated with Message-ID values for the location of
the different patches, and the mod_xlate demo that I posted. Of course, it
also has the current record of voting for the three patch sets.

Please take some time to review these patch sets. Thanx!


Greg Stein,

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