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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: util_dav.c
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 08:05:47 GMT
On Sun, Jul 02, 2000 at 10:47:52PM -0500, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> > From: []
> > Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2000 9:36 PM
> > 
> > > Are you talking about util_xml?  It is dav-centric now, but
> > > I think the plan is to work in generic parsing of xml requests.
> > 
> > Oops, yes util_xml.c.  I really think this needs to be moved to
> > modules/dav.  If we need generic parsing of xml requests, 
> > then we can add
> > it later, taking parts from util_xml.c.  This file is a dav file.  It
> > references dav consistently, and if somebody doesn't enable 
> > mod_dav, this
> > file still gets compiled, but nothing in it is ever used.
> I've posted the same to Greg, and have his agreement that if these
> dav-references exist in August he will be screamed at loudly.  He
> concurred, but there is still rework.
> The issue was to pull in dav in it's present form, and begin the
> rework within the context of the 2.0 release (for history).  There
> was strong concensus for this approach.

Oh, geez. Did I commit to August? Feh. Those names won't stick around nearly
that long :-)

s/dav/ap/ :-)

Actually, that file is problematic right now because it has references to
the DAV code. Grr. (since the latter is optional, bad juju happens if
util_xml doesn't find them to link to)

Some thought needed here.

Ryan's point about them not being used *now* is true. However, the intent is
that modules that want to use XML have the facilities available. For
example, a mod_soap would make great use of this stuff.


Greg Stein,

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