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From "David Hill" <>
Subject Re: Fix for error creating scoreboard on Tru64
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 19:46:16 GMT
> I'm glad 80 worked, but I have hated the magic 40 since I added it.  It
> would be REALLY nice to be able to get this fudge factor from MM
> itself.  This would let us add the correct fudge factor on each
> machine.  I may look into this at some point.

I had similar thoughts myself. Would not think it hard to create a macro in
mm.h that would add the overhead and do the word aligned boundry padding.

Also, When the scoreboard create failed.... should that be a fatal error
for httpd? I found that the server was hanging around (did not even have the
port open) waiting for something. Seems cleaner just to log an error and


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