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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Anywhere to go for a summmary of I/O filtering?
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2000 16:02:36 GMT
> My two cents on filtering/layering/buckets while I'm still completely
> uninformed: it'd be nice if the 2.0 release wasn't delayed until 2001.
> I have a bad feeling that the non-schedule is being pushed out and
> out, though. I'm leaning towards just not doing any filtering work in
> 2.0; async and nonblocking I/O will change how things work anyway.

I agree with Manoj... lets stabilize Apache 2.0 and release sans filtering. I don't care
much for the filtering patches I've seen so far and I am still not sure we even have the
requirements nailed down.

Some thoughts...
Multithreading will be a big win on most platforms except Linux (and FreeBSD?). We need
mod_dav, mod_perl, mod_php and mod_ssl working before the release. Lets try running Apache
2.0 on, today!  IMO, it will not be nearly so stable as some of us would
like to think. However, we gotta start somewhere so let's light the fuse and get ready to
pick up pieces. Getting a couple of revs of Apache 2.0 out before embarking on Apache 3.0
will help us wring the bugs out of APR.

Apache 3.0 requirements....
async i/o
per process User/Group assignment
integrated mod_ssl (perhaps even in 2.0 if the legal climate is agreeable)

async i/o and filtering will have a significant anount of design interdependence, so doing
one without the other is not wise, IMHO.


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