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From "terdudio" <>
Subject Re: --enable-dav
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 16:55:06 GMT
>> > Actually, I think it should be enabled by default. I just haven't done
>> > yet because the config/build stuff is in flux.
> I am VERY much against enabling dav by default.

Maybe there could be also be a very limited moduleconfiguration ? Just
powefull enough to serve plain files like .gif and .html files ?
I never understanded anyway why people enabled all the rest of the modules
when all they where doing was just serving plain files. Takes Less Memory.
Is Faster. Limited Security leaks. No Cgi Holes. Saves time editting
Configuration to whipe out modules and cleaning source. No Need for many
many, many things.

My 1 Euro word.
                - Tser.

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