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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: logging APR errors
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 23:02:23 GMT

> This is not a dirt simple solution, it just looks like one.  Let me give a
> few examples.
> ap_sendfile.  It fails for some reason.  So, APR generates a char *
> "ap_sendfile failed because NODELAY was set"  This is all information
> inside of APR.  APR calls this Apache registered function, which takes a
> char *.
> Apache has to do something with the char * it was passed.  Presumably it
> would like to write this out to the error log, but it can't, because it
> doesn't have a request_rec or server_rec.

Okay, this has to my last response to this thread (at least for the week)...

Create ap_get_server_conf() to call the MPM to fetch a static pointer to server_conf.  Now
you have
what you need to call ap_log_error(). I've done this and it works fine. Maybe overlooking
some other


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