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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Rolling the Win32 1.3.13 binary build...
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 21:23:51 GMT

Here are the notes from last month...

> Ken has made two requests, on top of it.  One is to prompt the user
> on day 1 for their hostname, I don't know if I like this or not.

If this was *simple* - I'd bite, but since we have some fallbacks now,
It's not the end of the world.

> The second request is to hold the console open on error.  There is only
> one dirt simple stupid way to do this, and I'm leaning this way.

It's fixed.  

Here were my original thoughts on icons, they aren't dictates.  If you run
the new Apache group of icons past the new-httpd list before we announce, 
I'm sure you can put something good together.

> Right now our icons include:
> "Apache Web Server Documentation" 
>   -> "@@ServerRoot@@\htdocs\manual\index.html"
> "Install Apache as a service"
>   -> "@@ServerRoot@@\Apache.exe" -d "@@ServerRoot@@" -i
> "Start Apache"
>   -> "@@ServerRoot@@\Apache.exe" -d "@@ServerRoot@@" -s 
> [should be -k start !]
> "Stop Apache"
>   -> "@@ServerRoot@@\Apache.exe" -d "@@ServerRoot@@" -k shutdown
> "Uninstall Apache Service"
>   -> "@@ServerRoot@@\Apache.exe" -d "@@ServerRoot@@" -u
> All well and good... but one is led to believe that Start/Stop
> Apache then start and stop a service... misleading.
> Those should change to Start|Stop Apache in a Console Window
> Uninstall Apache Service is equally misleading, since the average
> user expect Apache to be uninstalled.
> Better, perhaps;
> "Install Apache to start at bootup"
> "Remove Apache from list to start at bootup"
> Ick... awful phrases, but that's the drift.  Then we offer the
> typical "Uninstall the Apache Server" if the setup program supports
> it, although we will have to query the SCM and delete all services
> matching ["]@@ServerRoot@@\Apache.exe["]  Under Win98, that means
> iterating the HKLM\Software\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServices key,
> find each value of ["]@@ServerRoot@@\Apache.exe["], walk that value
> name back to the HKLM\System\Services\CurrentControlSet tree and
> blast each such named key.  I'll write out that code if you give
> me the installer interface semantics.
> If we uninstall, of course, we must never blast things like httpd.conf
> and their changes to the htdocs folder (we could prompt if they want
> to delete the logs and proxy folders.)
> And I'd like to see a new
> "Restart Apache"  [a new option :]
>   -> "@@ServerRoot@@\Apache.exe" -d "@@ServerRoot@@" -k restart
> and
> "Edit Apache Server Configuration"
>   -> "Notepad.exe "@@ServerRoot@@"\conf\httpd.conf"
> "View Apache Server Error Log"
>   -> "Notepad.exe "@@ServerRoot@@"\logs\error.log"
> "View Apache Server Access Log"
>   -> "Notepad.exe "@@ServerRoot@@"\logs\access.log"
> Notepad is friendly, you can open the already open log file
> while the server is running (at least on NT 4... I'll check
> in with Win95.)  The QuickViewer will -not-, nor will WordPad
> (which sucks, since NotePad defers large log files to WordPad!)
> Damn... might as well find us a friggin text file viewer that
> drops the user on the last line of any already open file.
> command /k more <error.log would work, I suppose.  I give up,
> someone else offer an idea here :-|
> Plus the docs are broken, so I'd also like to see instead:
> "Apache Web Server Documentation (on the Web)"
>   -> ""
> "Apache Web Server Documentation (on this Server)"
>   -> ""
> (File based docs are pretty cruddy, no wonder Win32 folks never see
> the FAQ, there is no faq if you go for the raw file :-|

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