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Subject Re: Complete source for Apache MSVC/Borland IconBar APP
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 04:42:32 GMT

In a message dated 00-06-28 04:08:40 EDT, you William Rowe writes...

>  Kevin,
>  Ok... I didn't even crack it open yet, but I'm -1 on just one point.
>  The call to EnumServicesStatus is too simple to ignore, I'm 100% against 
>  spawning a proc from the taskbar every n seconds.  I do promise to crack 
>  it open and give the app a proper review (probably not till Friday a.m.)
>  If that's the only weakness, then I can be easily converted :)

Geez... you're up late ( early? ).
No rest for the weary.

Forget everything mentioned about using NET START. I thought you
pictured a 'one time on demand see status' thing which is the only
thing the Control panel Services Applet offers. Damn thing won't
even update status itself unless you kill it and re-run it.

Obviously shelling NET ANYTHING is not for real-time stuff.
Just an easy one-shot deal thing.
The only example of 'NET START' anything in the demo is
when you press the START SERVER button and that's all
it is... a 'demo' of how to do it that way. It shows how the
TRAY thing can be a true 'separate front end' and doesn't
even need the actual Service calls in it.

The APP I sent does NOT call 'NET START > Services_Running'.
It doesn't even have a WM_TIMER (yet). That was just an 
'oh by the way' blurb.

>  Speaking of it being borland-ready, take a look at my patch for NT event
>  logging of this evening... that one bit of stdio crud is probably MSVC
>  specific, if you care to pass on a fix for Borland (or simply make it
>  generic, but I don't think you can do so and keep it as immediate-commit
>  at the same time.)  The MS clib looks at stdxxx and decides they are not
>  a tty, you are then screwed.  I needed the fdopen to force the mode back
>  to unbuffered.

Roger that. I was looking at that and everything that piece of kit is
actually trying to do and I think there is an easier way but it's
going to involve some un-documented calls to pop the messages
into the event logs. Is that too scary?
>  My point to the new arg to EnumServicesStatusEx is that we can enumerate
>  only the 5 installed or 2 running apache servers instead of the 50 total
>  installed or 29 running services in the system.  Since NET START is simply
>  an app around that call, it's still a Win2000 optimization, and one that
>  could easily wait till 2.0 releases.

Roger that.
>  (oh, the ATL app I described was recoded in raw API, my point was that it
>  is easier to do that from ATL than from MFC :)  I mentioned pure code,
>  but that's for my scripting widget.  If you've gone to the trouble, I have
>  plenty of other things at hand.

If nothing else... you owe it to yourself to look at the code and see
how really really easy an MSVC/Borland Win32 TRAY ICON app 
can be. Even half the code in the demo doesn't need to be there 
and it doesn't even need the whole popup DIALOG if you don't 
see a need for it.
>  b.t.w., note from Ozgar -finally- helped me see the light, should have
>  the def files all set as well.  And I'm not against distributing the
>  .mak files with a .bcc.mak suffix or some such, so we should be able to
>  stay away from extra biniaries in the build.

Parsing error. What 'extra' binaries are you talking about?
Converter TOOLS or a distribution with both MSVC + Borland
Apache binaries? I was assuming that if/when Apache is ever
released as an 'official' Borland version that will be a completely
separate download from or have I missed the
entire point?

Speaking of parsing...
Did you get a prior note about a possible parsing error in the
Perl script converter where the '/libpaths' are being pulled and
moved to LINK32_TARGETS for Borland?

I'm still trying to make sure the 'C' version of your Perl converter
is matching your output 'byte for byte' which it currently does
even if the LINK32_TARGETS is actually coming out wrong.

Like I said... it seems to work anyway but it still looks like 
a Perl burp with no spaces between targets.

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc. - Online Internet Content Compression Server

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