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Subject Re: "free" borland C++ compiler
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2000 21:12:54 GMT

In a message dated 00-06-18 23:49:07 EDT, William Rowe writes...

>  Kevin,
>    If you would be so kind as to post the 1.3.13-dev make files
>  (or even the 1.3.12 release) for bcc 5.5, I would like to try
>  1) spiting it through and looking at the emits, and 2) actually
>  mocking up a .pl to convert .mak to .mak from msvc to cpp.  I did
>  install the free compiler, and immediately realized they they had
>  excluded the project converter from the 'free' version.
>  Bill

You got it.

Sorry it took more than a day but things were hitting the fan on the corporate
front all day yesterday and I finally got a few hours this morning to 
what you were asking for.

I say 'resurrect' because I haven't really been 'converting' the MSVC 
make files to Borland since about Release 1.3.4. Since then I have been using
a 'real time' converter that I wrote which simply allows you to run NMAKE 
against the ACTUAL Apache .MAK files and it automatically translates all
the build commands 'on the fly' to Borland and builds the Borland version
in another directory AT THE SAME TIME as it builds the MSVC version.
Sure beats converting makefiles.

Anyway... everything you asked for is posted on this Web page...

The text document that the page is based on ( including copies of all the 
make files ) are also attached to this email as MKBC.TXT.

The Turkish gentleman ( Ozgur Urgenc ) presented a pretty good 'overview' of 
all the code changes for compiling under Borland but he left a lot out.

As I have said before... I have been compiling Apache with Borland for over
2 years now and I believe it might be the 'best choice' compiler for Win32
Apache because of the 'better' assembly language that is produced.

I have been convinced that Apache runs faster on Borland for more than
2 years just based on my own observations and testing.


Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote - Online Internet Content Compression Server

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