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Subject issues
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 02:53:17 GMT

Bill ( Wrowe )
Kevin Kiley here...

Just saw your script a few minutes
ago and already seen some issues...

Simply substituting 'ilink32.exe' for 'link.exe' probably 
won't work for those makefiles like _regex.mak that
want to build libraries instead of executables.

Borland compile really should use TLIB.EXE to build the 
libraries and this will confuse things, methinks, since
current MSVC make files just assume that the 
LINK32 command can use the same linker for .EXE's
to build a library.

Problem becomes that 'sometimes' LINK32=link.exe
should change to 'LINK32=ilink32.exe ( or tlink32.exe )
but other times it should become 'LINK32=tlib.exe'.
You have to check to output target to know for sure.

Since you can't change what's coming out of MSVC 
DevStudio ( It will always assume the linker can take 
a -lib parm and build a library ) The script just needs
to be a little 'smarter' about whether final target is 
a library ( Use TLIB.EXE ) or an executable ( ilink32 or tlink32 )

to replace the totally redundant SOURCE=
is the way to go and should preserve the dependency lists.

The 'visible' effect of it NOT working is that when you go to
build ApacheCore.dll you will see the output trying to build
util_win32.c over and over and over because that's what's 'stuck'
in the 'SOURCE=' makefile environment macro.

Kevin Kiley
CTO, - Online Internet Content Compression Server

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