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Subject Re: mod_dav integration
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2000 00:53:10 GMT

I'm kind of wondering why we are doing this.  Mod_dav seems to be a very
large module with it's own development/deployment schedule.  It seems to
me that mod_dav makes more sense as a separate module that is developed on
it's own, much like mod_perl, and mod_java.

This also seems to make sense, because mod_dav already has it's own web
page/resources that are not associated with Apache's site.

I am a bit concerned about putting too many modules into the main server,
because everything in the main Apache server can mean more Apache
releases.  Take for example, the case where a security hole is found in
mod_dav.  Does that mean that we have to make a full Apache release?  I
think it does, because otherwise people will just download the latest
Apache, and ignore the new mod_dav.

With mod_dav and Apache not being developed together, this really scares
me.  Is mod_dav's development list going to move to new-httpd?  If not, I
really dislike putting mod_dav into the core server.

I have two different suggestions.

1)  Make mod_dav a sub-project, much like has been suggested for the
proxy and APR (once 2.0 is released).  This allows the development to
continue independant of Apache, and when Apache makes a release, Apache
decides which sub-projects to include, and it just takes the latest
version of each sub-project at that time.

2)  Leave mod_dav where it is, and keep the whole thing separate.  Maybe
mod_dav needs to become a separate ASF project for this to happen.  I
don't really have an answer to that.

In general, I dislike putting mod_dav with the core server, but I won't
stand in the way.  I am -0 for doing it.  I have had these concerns for a
while, but I thought the vote had happened before I was a member of the


> I think that is about all that I can think of. I would like to perform the
> integration later this week. Please pipe up with questions, concerns,
> commentary, etc "soonish".
> Thanx!
> -g
> -- 
> Greg Stein,

Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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