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Subject RE: default timeout values
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 17:51:44 GMT

> +1 on Ryan's reply and design to use usecs.
> Now, I have a -new- proposal that we adopt:
>  ap_time_short_delta_t 
> (3 characters longer than ap_time_interval_t) to replace that type,
> and offer ap_time_long_delta_t as an int64 type for future growth.
> This will resolve the issue that each coder in APR 'discovers' this
> issue on their own and it reemerges on the list every two months.
> I am -not- proposing any functions to accept ap_time_long_delta_t,
> since Apache Server has no requirements to play long time games.  In
> file and connection timeouts we will (probably) never need it.  The
> compare times patch I wrote some time ago gracefully set >35 min to 
> 35 min and <-35 min to -35 min, so that solved that issue.
> Comments on changing this type name for clarity?  (I just propose
> delta instead of interval since it's a shorter word, that's all.)

I really don't think this helps clarity any, sorry.  :-}  I also don't
mind replying to messages on the list with:

"This topic has been discussed before, please see the archives for Jun
2000, and search for interval_time."

I really think we are fine the way things are now.  If we want room to
grow into the future, I think we can just change the def of
ap_interval_time_t.  All this requires is a recompile to move from 23 ->
64 bit values.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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