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Subject RE: default timeout values
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 14:06:49 GMT

> > Let's just store in seconds and do the conversion in setopt.  This
> > probably makes more sense in the long run.  Plus, people are used to
> > seeing things in seconds, not usecs.
> > 
> This is getting ugly fast. If we are going to store timeouts 
> in microseconds then we also have to fix things like
> ap_interval_time_t (which is ap_int32_t) in ap_socket_t. 

I guess I am confused here.  Didn't we say that we would store values in
seconds within Apache, and convert to usecs for APR?  Yes, APR will need
to store things in usecs.

> Also, ap_set_pipe_timeout, ap_sleep, ap_poll have the same 
> potential overflow problem and will need fixing unless we 
> decide to limit time intervals to < 30mins.

I don't think limiting to < 30 mins is a bad thing.  We are talking about
APR.  Although APR's design should allow it to work for any type of
program, the fact is that the current version is really being designed for
servers.  If there are any servers out there that need to set timeouts for
> 30 mins, and they want to use APR v1.0, they may need to play some
games.  I don't think that is a bad thing.

> Are people likely to want to make Timout & KeepaliveTimeout
> greater that 30 mins?? (that's an Apache question). The more
> significant question however is whether APR users in general 
> would want to live with that restriction - almost certainly not.
> Looks like we need to redefine ap_interval_time_t to ap_int64_t
> unless you want to recant and standardize on seconds??

We do not want to standardize in seconds.  If you look back to what Dean
did with the time stuff, the time_t is in usecs for a reason, it makes
sense.  He used a 64-bit integer for the ap_time_t type.  We took the idea
for our timing code from NSPR, and they used a 32-bit value for interval
times.  The limit to < 35 mins was actually brought up before we made this

I personally say leave the interval times at 32-bits.  If this becomes an
issue later, we can easily change the type to a 64-bit value in version 2
or 3 of APR.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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