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Subject Re: Filter I/O take 3.
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2000 02:40:52 GMT

> I just had a quick perusal and missed two things, both of which are
> essential for mod_auth_digest to amke any use of filtering at all:

It has been anincredibly long day (including 5 hours in Cleveland waiting
for a plane), so I probably shouldn't even be reading e-mail, but.....

> 1) being able to set trailers in the response. When using qop=auth-int,
>    mod_auth_digest needs to calculate a hash of the entity as it's being
>    written, and then needs to put that hash in a trailer which gets sent
>    with the last chunk (yes, this doesn't work for HTTP/1.0 clients -
>    however, I'm not aware of any HTTP/1.0 clients which do digest auth).

I would think this would be solved by making ap_flush go through the
filters.  Or, adding a trailers table to the request_rec that the filter
code outputs.  I didn't know about this issue, so I haven't thought it
through yet.

> 2) Layering on the request body. If a request comes in with qop=auth-int
>    then mod_auth_digest needs to be able to calculate a hash of the request
>    body. It'll also need to be able to access the trailers in case the
>    client put the info in the trailer.

That is input filtering, which I didn't implement.  I believe filtering
input is simple once we filter output.  We just need to insert the right

> Btw., great to the the grouping by type!

At least something was good.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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