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Subject Re: Performance comparison of mod_cgi and mod_cgid.
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 21:58:51 GMT

> mod_cgid:
>    Accept on server socket.
>    Fork the child
>    exec the cgi
> mod_cgi:
>    ap_createprocattr_init
>    ap_setprocattr_io
>    ap_setprocattr_dir
>    ap_setprocattr_cmdtype
>    ap_create_process
>       fork child
>       exec cgi
>    ap_note_subprocess
> The other processing before and after the above code is
> very similar between the two. The exception might be in the way
> that mod_cgi does iol handling vs. mod_cgid.

I have a hard time with this explanation.  If you take a look at what the
setprocattr_* functions are doing, it just isn't that much.  I also find
it hard to believe that the cmdtype and dir functions can't be removed.

This explanation really makes it look like APR is a huge drain on system
resources, which is not what we are seeing with the rest of Apache 2.0.  I
would prefer that we had some real proof that APR is causing these
problems before this is just assumed.

The original problem this module was meant to solve (namely forking a
threaded process) seems like a much better explanation for the performance
difference IMHO.  It seems to me that fork (on all platforms) must create
all threads and then kill them all to be POSIX compliant.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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