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Subject Re: filtered I/O ordering
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2000 15:03:42 GMT

> First, yes, ordering is quite important in almost all cases. Second, I
> don't quite agree with the "with some extra features to introduce order"
> part. The hook functions take as second and third parameters lists of
> filters that need to precede and follow the current one, respectively,
> which is really exactly the info you want to specify (e.g. "I need to
> process before any transport-encodings, but after any
> content-encodings", or "I need to precede any SSI processor"). In fact
> I might argue that the "broadcast" part of the hook (the fourth
> argument) is an extra feature ;-).
> However, having said that, I find both schemes equally usable, unless
> we can get into having filters tag themselves as to the type of filter
> they are (transport-encoding-filter and content-encoding-filter are
> two examples of what I'm thinking of, because mod_auth_digest needs
> to hook itself precisely between them). If there were such tagging,
> then the hooks stuff would allow folks to just specify, say, which
> content-encoding and which transport-encoding to use, and they would
> never have to worry about (and possibly get it wrong) where and if
> mod_auth_digest would need to hook itself in. Similarly,
> content-encoding filters could just specify that they must come after
> any content-munging filters and content-generators, and the hook
> ordering could take it from there.
> Am I making any sense?

Yep, your making perfect sense.  I hope to have a new patch next week
sometime that addresses all of Greg's points and still uses the hook
mechanism.  :-)


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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