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From "Daniel S. Reichenbach" <>
Subject RE: [Fwd: Got news about the 1.0.0 release ?]
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2000 21:52:20 GMT
> > Visual Studio installer can be found here:
> >
> If we can avoid adding -more- dependencies upon the msvc
> platform, let's do so.
Good point... and after checking the installer, i found
another problem with VSI: it`s not a real Windows Installer
system, it just mimics to be one and makes customization
a bit hard to understand. Should be avoided, as many Win32
users of Apache never seen a compiler or dont even know
Visual C++, at least the most who contacted me for the
OpenSA releases had that problem. There were questions
like "Do i have to learn C? I`m just a sysadmin, not a
developer" . Like that. I think, this is point, where
Win32 and Unix are two different galaxies ;-)

> > The original Windows Installer can be found here:
> >
> That's what I was considering as 'vanilla'.  Everyone has the
> original Windows Installer rolled into their Windows system
> (or we could insist on the new, more robust installer, but that's
> an option I'd like to avoid just for the size of the download.)
Maybee a link to the Installer should help. Or a seperate
download option. It`s not that big to download and its a one-time
thing if you dont have Win2k.

> > > I was about ready to roll something vanilla out of what
> > > Win32 already does.  Anyone have a lead before I attack?
> > I would really love to help in that case, e.g i could
> > build the install packages or contrib my installshield
> > scripts and stuff i did for OpenSA.
> If you will contribute it under the Apache license, we would
> be much obliged :-)  
Of course i will, i`ll have to do some rewriteing for plain
Apache, as my scripts don`t use the installdll way, they
do patching and parsing from within ther installation system,
my Win2k installer won`t need any external dll.

> Feel free to build upon it.  Remember that we need msvcrt.dll
> into the system directory for release builds, but never want to
> overwrite a newer version.  Also, we never overwrite existing
> httpd.conf or the other config files!  (But we do replace the
> httpd.conf-dist-win version.)
My scripts check the httpd.conf and offer patching it, depending
on the previous contents, e.g. modules can be configured with
an update.

> A thought for 2.0:
> wouldn't it be cool if the apache installer would warn of missing,
> depreciated and invalid tags in the httpd.conf, and offered to
> clean them up (tag for tag, not just wipe the file)?
I have a parser ready for InstallShield 2000, which i wrote for
the OpenSA releases, which should be able to do this. Its currently
under testing, but if i get it stable enough and get it working
with the plain Win2k installer, it could be a way to do this.
The script also allows enabling/disabling of config tags.

Open Server Architecture project      
Daniel S. Reichenbach                         

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