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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Setting POOL_DEBUG and friends...
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 22:08:41 GMT
Well I've found a few minutes to think about this, and I can't some up 
with a clean way to do it.  Anyway, there are a few options below, in no 
order other than that in which I thought of them.  Other options might 
be better/easier but these are the ones I have at present.

1. include apr_general.h to the modules that need ap_join_pool and thus 
be able to wrap the calls in #ifdef POLL_DEBUG which we're defining in 
apr_general.h.  this seems to break the intent of keeping APR headers 

2.  add a configure option, --enable-pool-debug and so on, which are 
then passed into APR.  This has the advantage that we can use the 
information to set a flag in apache that says that ap_pool_join should 
be called and correctly set the flags in APR to make it do something.

3.  we can just make the call anyway and use the existing #define method 
to no-op it.  This is by far the easiest and so far gets my vote, but 
I'd rather not have code being called that is only there for debugging 
if we're not debugging.

Anyway, thoughts?

I'm in Verona tomorrow night so I won't do anything until Wed night at 
the earliest.


"I never get involved in my own life, it's way
too complicated."

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