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From Sam Magnuson <>
Subject mod_socks5
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2000 19:06:49 GMT

All -

I thought I would share this with the Apache group as it may be of some
small interest. Aventail has been doing some plans for a next generation of
our socks server, there has been some discussion how best to approach it
and Apache 2.0 came up. We in turn hacked up a mod_socks5 which turns Apache
into a socks5 server. And as kudos to ASF it works exceedingly well - there
were some problems as they relate to speed comparisons of Apache to our
existing Socks server. It still is very unclear why it performs so much
worse under these circumstances. 

I'm mostly sharing the code, and don't have much hope of answering why
exactly we didn't see the performance gains we were expecting (as well as
some odd socket fu) - but if anyone going over it comes up with something I
would certainly be very interested in hearing it.

Anyone still interested in the module at this point can look at
this implementation uses some hackiness to accomplish the polling on both
the client and server side. This could be some of the source of oddness I
was seeing, and will probably need to be something fixed for mod_proxy to
work (in the connect case we need similar behaviour).


Sam Magnuson <>

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