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Subject Re: "free" borland C++ compiler
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2000 13:32:42 GMT

In a message dated 00-06-25 12:35:22 EDT, Ozgur Urgenc writes...

> C++ Builder Help :
> [snip]

Hi Ozgur...

What VERSION of C++ Builder is that help text from? 
5.5? 5.4? 5.x?

I don't see some of the options on earlier versions... at
least not in the exact syntax shown... but not 
sure this is an issue since I believe any proposed 
Apache/Borland support is going to be 
'minimum requirement: BC 5.5'.
Just getting it all to compile with minimal changes to
the .mak files and code is really no big deal... but
I think it's already been stated that there will be, if at 
all possible, NO changes to the currently declared 
calling conventions for reasons of support. I believe the
APR goal is have one set of documentation for module
writers or whoever is trying to 'use' APR that pretty much
works ALL the time and doesn't have to get into the whole 
'If it's a Borland .DLL or .LIB then you have to do this and
if it's MSVC you have to do this' sort of nightmare.

It's certainly possible to create some 'callable' binaries that
are totally generic and can be 'called' or 'imported' seamlessly
from an MSVC or BORLAND or ( whoever ) compiled version
of the .LIB's and .DLL's but I don't recall ever having reached
that goal without using different .DEF files... have you?

Borland products have always 'loved' the INT FAR PASCAL
thing and they default to it a lot but I'm not sure it's an option.
The whole 'left-right right-left who cleans the stack' thing is 
what becomes the real issue for people trying to interface
with the resulting binaries, especially if they are writing in
assembler. Actually, C++ makes things even worse with
regards to being tickety-boo about calling conventions in
linked/called modules, but that's another story.

There are any number of ways to force the binaries out but
probably the real test to achieve the stated goal(s) is to find
an actual 'APR interfacing' example and see if it can 'use' 
either the MSVC or Borland binaries with no trouble at all 
no matter how it's compiled ( MSVC or Borland ) and without
requiring gobs of documentation about 'differences' in the

A 'Standard C' AND a 'C++' APR interfacing test is probably
the real way to go since, if all works well, most people out
there will be using their GUI IDE's to crank out C++ classes
that brown-wrapper the APR stuff and that's where things
stand the greatest chance of producing the dreaded 'Invalid 
format' or 'Can't find XXXXX' errors.

I believe we are talking Apache 2.0 and BC 5.5 only here
but I haven't heard 'officially' from ASF about that yet.

This one is for ASF community...

Is there any such thing yet as a set of 'standard' 2.0 APR
interfacing sample programs for both Standard 'C' and
C++ that can be used as 'test' programs to make sure
that whatever solution is used DOES, in fact, create
output binaries that are 'seamlessly usable' by people
trying to code for APR using whatever compiler/linker
they choose? I thought I saw a 'C++' program float by
that was complaining about APR 'extern 'C' stuff but I'm 
not sure.

The key here would be to base the solution(s) on code
that is 'officially' showing someone how to interface with
APR so that if there is any confusion those samples
become the 'touchstone' for resolving problems.

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc. - Online Internet Content Compression Server

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