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From Jim Winstead <>
Subject Re: summary: issues for my filtering patch
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 21:24:49 GMT
On Jun 28, wrote:
> ANY module that wants or needs to modify a header MUST cache the entire
> request until it knows that it is done modifying headers.  This means that
> I believe mod_auth_digest will need to cache the entire request, because
> it needs to modify a header to have the md5sum.  Any module that needs to
> modify the content length needs to cache the entire request.

Of course, this is only true assuming you can't really issue HTTP/1.1
responses (with footers and chunked encoding).

And if a filter happens to know up-front what its effect on
content-length will be (like it will be inserting a header with a
fixed size), it doesn't have to cache the request. (And if it simply
decides it would rather just filter out the content-length so it
doesn't have to cache the response, that seems perfectly valid.)

I actually think (and hope) that the cases where a filter needs to
act as a bottleneck on the response are few and far between.
There's almost a danger in making it too easy to become a bottleneck.


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